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Shipping Info

Fed Ex
Larger heavy bulk orders
Air Freight
International - World Wide

Actual shipping costs are added after item has been shipped - we do not use online shipping calculators - as they become inaccurate when ordering multiple items.

INTERNATIONAL AIRMAIL SHIPPING - Additional $25 handling fee:
- due to drive to & time spent standing in line, additional paperwork & Customs invoices at Post Office by our warehouse staff to send packages
- a handling fee of $25 will be added to actual postage costs.

Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of receiving and confirming orders by UPS Ground from our Seattle warehouse.
- sometimes we may need to ship from other warehouse location(s)
- please include any special shipping instructions you need with your order.
- if there are any delays, Carbon & Fiberglass Sales will contact you by e-mail or phone. (

UPS Shipping Information

UPS Shipping Map

UPS Shipping notes:

Shipping charges are based upon UPS ground service.
For faster services are also available at additional costs, please call for shipping charges.
UPS requires a deliverable physical address.

Surcharge of $30.00 per package for all hazardous material shipments (covers the cost of the UPS hazardous shipping charges and the required UN (HazMat) box for packaging).
Illegal to package hazardous materials of different hazard classes in the same package - hazardous goods of the same class may be packaged together.

UPS has a size and weight limitations:
Maximum size per package = 130 inches in length and girth combined.
Maximum length per package = 108 inches.
Packages measuring over 60 inches in length will have an additional handling charge of $5.00. This will apply to all fiberglass cloth 60" or more in width (unless folded).
Maximum weight for domestic shipments per package = 150 lbs.
Light weight, bulky items between 84" and 108" in length plus girth combined, but weigh less than 30 lbs. are charged at the 30 lb. rate.
Should any of the size and weight limitations result in additional charges, you will be notified.

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