Epoxy Resin: 1300, 1 quart

Epoxy Resin: 1300, 1 quart
Liquid Bisphenol A-Epichlorhydrin based epoxy resin (25068-38-6) diluted with cresyl glycidyl ether (2210-79-9) 100 percent solids (no VOC's), low viscosity (fast wet out), low odor and toxicity, relatively clear, reacts with full range of curing agents at low temps
Use with 4:1 hardeners in slow, medium or fast configurations.
Uses: marine, Hi-Performance parts, RTM/Vacuum bagging, Electrical Potting, Tooling compounds, metal & plastics adhesive.

Viscosity, Poise at 25C ASTM D 445 5-7
Color, Platinum-Cobalt ASTM D 1209-84 75max
Lbs/gallon, 25C 9.5
Density, g/ml, 25C 1.14
Flash Point, F ASTM D 3278-82 >199
Vapor pressure, mm hg, 20C(VP of pure cresyl glycidyl ether)Negligible

MSDS #20

1300 epoxy resin is less prone to crystallize in storage when compared to other diluted epoxy resins, if crystallization does occur it may be re-liquidified by warming to 120F. Product should be stored above 40F to minimize this problem. Not a hazardous material according to Dept. of Transportation. Not listed in 21CFR175.300, not recommended for food contact applications
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